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PTG’s technology is the first and only to combine sustainable wastewater disinfection with renewable energy generation. PTG’s patented technology can use the digester gas (often referred to as biogas, a natural by-product of wastewater treatment) or natural gas as fuel to drive a turbine or engine that generates renewable energy that can offset the electricity consumed by a typical municipal or industrial wastewater treatment process.

The hot exhaust air from the turbine (energy that is typically wasted) is passed through a waste heat recovery unit that increases the temperature of the wastewater to a level that disinfects the wastewater stream. PTG’s intelligent software optimizes energy efficiently through the integrated system.

PTG’s eco-friendly technology is significantly more cost-effective and more energy efficient than other methods. And, unlike other wastewater disinfection approaches, PTG’s systems do not require toxic chemicals such as chlorine, or costly electrical power and expensive UV lamps.

PTG Technology Features and Benefits

The PTG process is the most energy efficient CHP (Combined Heat & Power) system in existence. The Waste-to-Energy system is over 90% energy efficient and uses exhaust heat (free fuel source) to drive the system.

    • PTG’s tested and proven technology provides superior disinfection performance vs. UV and chlorine


  • No toxic chlorine or chlorinated by-products (which are harmful to the environment) are used.



  • No expensive, energy-intensive UV systems are required resulting in substantial cost savings.



  • Exhaust heat from the turbine or engine is the free energy source that powers the disinfection of the wastewater



  • Renewable biogas or natural gas is utilized in a turbine or engine to generate electricity and exhaust heat





  • PTG’s patented technology has been certified by the State of California under the stringent standards of Title 22 for the disinfection of wastewater for reuse and safe discharge.




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