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Engineering Firms

Pasteurization Technology Group Hosts Informational Sessions To Educate Engineering Firms About Innovative Wastewater Disinfection Process That Generates Renewable Energy

These quick seminars / sessions are only 1 hour long and offer the benefit for engineering firms to position themselves on the leading-edge with an innovative new wastewater technology in the municipal and industrial areas (e.g., food & beverage, agriculture, etc.). This may give your engineering firm additional competitive knowledge for use with your existing clients as well as by winning new clients.

The informational sessions are aimed at engineering firms engaged in projects at wastewater treatment plants and businesses in the food and beverage industries. During the one-hour session, attendees will learn:

    • How to simultaneously deliver wastewater disinfection and onsite renewable energy generation
    • The large cost savings provided by PTG’s patented technology using a “2-for-1” integrated solution
    • Industrial context: why businesses need to curb the use of toxic chemicals and reduce energy usage
    • The benefits of using a sustainable, non-toxic approach in specific wastewater disinfection applications
    • How to utilize biogas and other fuel sources (e.g., natural gas) for dramatic cost savings
    • Life-cycle cost comparisons with other technologies and approaches
    • Review of California’s Title 22 certification of PTG’s technology

To learn more or to schedule a session in your office, please contact PTG at or 510-357-0562.