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    • Can the PTG process work on other types of wastewater, like for the Oil & Gas industry or the food processing industry?


Absolutely. The PTG process is simply elegant in its design and its unique ability at handling varying types of wastewater streams.

    • Will the entire treatment plant have to be changed to accommodate a PTG disinfection system?


No. One of the great attributes of a PTG system is its flexibility and modularity. PTG systems can be an easily added to an existing facility or be can be incorporated into the design of an entirely new wastewater treatment plant.

    • What if the treatment plant does not want to generate electricity; can the PTG process still work?


Good question. The PTG system can work quite effectively without generating power through a turbine. We have a couple plants that have decided to burn their Biogas directly in a heater box and use that hot air to disinfect their wastewater stream. This option also allows them to change to a turbine based system at a later date, if they decide.

    • What types of wastewater can the Pasteurization process disinfect?


The PTG system is an incredibly robust disinfection process that can work on most wastewater streams. By relying on heat and not UV rays, the PTG process can more easily handle dirty wastewater streams. An example of this is how the PTG process successfully disinfected canal water in Florida, which had extremely high turbidity levels.

    • Can the PTG system work if the facility does not generate Biogas (methane/digester gas)?


Absolutely. Our first system was for a municipality that did not generate Biogas. They determined that the savings that would occur from not having to pay “Utility” electricity rates, along with the reduced O&M of a PTG system were still quite significant.

    • It seems that there cannot possibly be enough heat energy in the exhaust to heat the wastewater to a temperature that can kill pathogens, how can this be?


The patented PTG process utilizes both the heat energy in the exhaust stream as well as the heat energy in the disinfected wastewater stream. The majority of the heat energy is transferred from the hot water exiting the system to the cold water entering the system. This proprietary system of heat exchangers multiplies the volume treated by over 35 times. It is through the continual transfer of heat energy that PTG has created such an incredibly efficient and simple system.


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