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Twisted Manzanita Fires Up PTG Water & Energy CHP System To Cut Energy Costs by More Than 50 Percent

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PTG’s cost-effective combined heat and power (CHP) technology sets Twisted Manzanita on the road to energy independence. The PTG system simultaneously generates clean power and hot water on demand, pays for itself in three to four years, and eliminates the need for expensive boiler upgrades.


April 13, 2015

Twisted Manzanita, a craft brewer recognized for its hand-crafted ales that feature natural ingredients, just slashed its energy bill with the installation of advanced onsite power generation technology from PTG Water & Energy (PTG). Jeff Trevaskis, CEO of Twisted Manzanita, stated here at the Craft Brewers Conference that Manzanita’s recent installation of a PTG B-30 combined heat and power (CHP) turbine has equipped its brewing facility to generate 95% of its electricity needs, and will pay for itself in three to four years.

The PTG B-30 system simultaneously generates clean power and hot water — two significant and growing costs of any craft brewer. By integrating PTG’s system with its brewing process at its craft beer production facility in Santee, California in San Diego County, Twisted Manzanita will reduce its electricity bill by over 70 percent and its boiler costs by more than 30 percent. PTG’s technology offers dependable protection against brownouts and blackouts, eliminates peak summer electricity charges, and ensures the brewery can prevent production downtime and inventory spoilage due to power outages.

By switching to PTG’s modular and scalable combined heat and power technology, Twisted Manzanita also benefits from the generation of thousands of gallons of hot water —a key ingredient of the brewing process—for free. This substantially reduces the operating costs associated with Twisted Manzanita’s existing boilers, and delivers additional cost savings at key steps throughout the brewing process. Looking ahead, another cost saving is the elimination of future boiler purchases.

“It’s a great story to be able to tell our customers that we’re one of the most innovative craft brewers in the industry. But this investment also delivers real bottom-line benefits,” said Jeff Trevaskis. “In an era of rapidly increasing electricity rates, we are able to slash our overall energy costs, which puts us in a much better position to produce excellent beer and invest in our growth. PTG’s onsite power generation technology is a critical component of our plans for expansion.”

“We’re thrilled to work with Jeff and the Twisted Manzanita team to reduce costs and grow more efficiently by using our breakthrough technology,” said Greg Ryan, CEO and co-founder of PTG. “Craft brewers have unique needs for which PTG’s tailored systems are designed. “

The compact footprint of the B-30 required minimal facility preparation and integration. The system is extremely durable through extensive use of corrosion resistant stainless steel parts. The B-30 is controlled by intelligent software and can be operated remotely and securely via a smartphone. The system is also scalable and modular, which provides Twisted Manzanita with flexible options for additional capacity as the brewery continues to expand.

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Twisted Manzanita Ales was built on the idea that great beer is crafted with both passion and creativity. In 2010, Manzanita opened its doors with a three-barrel brew house, however in a little more than a year, we began construction on our much larger facility. We recognize that craft brewing is an art that requires tremendous attention to detail and extensive involvement from our brewers in every aspect of the process. In response to that need, we have created a space for our brewers to think outside the box and use new and interesting ingredients sourced both locally and internationally. This is the driving force behind Twisted Manzanita’s ability to deliver products of the highest caliber. Visit for more information and all the latest news.

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Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, PTG Water & Energy (PTG) is a rapidly growing company that designs and markets CHP and wastewater solutions for a number of industrial markets. PTG’s process is able to deliver the most energy-efficient and lowest-cost solution on the market. PTG’s technology enables tremendous cost savings in water- and energy-intensive industries such as craft beer, agriculture, and food processing. PTG has won numerous awards including the Katerva Award, the Artemis Top 50 Water Tech award, and the Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award. For more information, see, and follow us on Twitter (@PTGWaterEnergy) and Facebook.