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Ventura Water Announces VenturaWaterPure Demonstration Facility

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Ventura Water’s advanced treatment demonstration facility that produces potable water for reuse directly from wastewater incorporates Pasteurization Technology Group’s (PTG) chemical-free wastewater disinfection system. This is to ensure the production of pathogen-free water that is safe for any potable uses.

July 15, 2015

Ventura Water unveiled the VenturaWaterPure Potable Reuse Demonstration Facility to invited guests today, a few days before its official opening for public tours on July 18, 2015. VenturaWaterPure is a pilot project for the City of Ventura, which is seeking to make additional investments in safe and sustainable ways to meet long term water supply demands. Ventura Water currently treats 8 to 9 million gallons of wastewater per day, and returns a small portion of this as recycled water to local golf courses and for landscape irrigation. The balance is discharged after meeting local, State and EPA standards. The goal is to test the viability of converting this “discarded” water into potable water to augment Ventura Water’s local water supplies, which are under pressure from the state-wide draught and increasing demand.

The Potable Reuse Demonstration Facility starts with wastewater processed under current practices, through tertiary filtration, and adds four additional treatment steps, including PTG’s disinfection system using pasteurization, to produce water at purity levels far above that needed to produce drinking water. “Ventura Water, and its consulting engineers from Carollo Engineering, selected PTG’s energy-generating disinfection system for two principal reasons.” said Greg Ryan, CEO and co-founder of PTG. “First, disinfecting wastewater using heat, or thermal energy, ensures that the produced water will be free of pathogens and other organisms that could become a public health risk. Second, PTG’s electric generation system, which produces the thermal energy needed for disinfection, will generate the electric power required by other added treatments steps at a very low cost, increasing the overall efficiency of producing potable water.”

More information about the Ventura Water’s Potable Reuse demonstration facility can be found by visiting the City of Ventura’s website Sustainable Water.

The PTG eco-friendly system for wastewater disinfection and renewable energy
PTG’s patented technology is the first and only technology to combine wastewater disinfection with the generation of renewable energy. PTG’s integrated systems can use available waste by-products (such as biogas) or natural gas to power a turbine or engine that generates electricity. The turbine’s hot exhaust air (which is typically wasted) passes through a waste-heat recovery unit that increases the temperature of wastewater in order to disinfect it. PTG’s intelligent software efficiently optimizes energy and water flow throughout the integrated system. PTG’s systems are significantly more cost-effective and energy-efficient than other disinfection methods. Unlike other wastewater disinfection approaches, PTG’s technology is sustainable and does not require toxic chemicals such as chlorine, or costly electrical power and expensive UV lamps. As a result, PTG’s systems fit a broad range of applications in both the municipal and industrial market sectors such as the agriculture, food, beer, and beverage industries.

About Pasteurization Technology Group
California-based Pasteurization Technology Group (PTG) is a rapidly growing, venture capital-backed company that is revolutionizing the disinfection of wastewater. PTG’s systems feature its patented “two-for-one” technology that combines eco-friendly wastewater disinfection with the generation of renewable energy. PTG’s process is one of only a handful of technologies to pass the stringent standards of Title 22 in the state of California for the disinfection of water for reuse. PTG’s technology has also been officially recognized in the influential EPA’s Guidelines for Water Reuse (See Ch 6 pg 31). By channeling the typically wasted exhaust heat from a turbine or engine to disinfect wastewater, PTG’s technology enables tremendous cost savings in water- and energy-intensive industries such as agriculture, beverage and food processing. PTG has won numerous awards including the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Innovative Technology award, the Katerva Award, the Artemis Top 50 Water Tech award, and the Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award. For more information, see, and follow us on Twitter (@PasTechGroup) and Facebook.