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Pasteurization Technology Group Announces the Start-up of Cutting-Edge Wastewater Disinfection System at the Graton Community Services District

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Rural town in Sonoma County has completed installation and testing of PTG’s eco-friendly wastewater disinfection system and has begun co-generating electricity.

September 24, 2014

Pasteurization Technology Group (PTG) completed commissioning and testing of its chemical-free wastewater disinfection system in the northern California town of Graton. This system, which is operated by the Graton Community Services District, will handle all the city’s wastewater disinfection and discharging needs. By switching from a chlorine-based wastewater disinfection system to PTG’s safe, sustainable wastewater disinfection technology, Graton will realize significant operational savings and meet or exceed state water quality standards.

Like many wastewater treatment facilities around the country, the Graton Community Services District is facing increasing wastewater treatment and energy costs. District management and Graton residents are also concerned about the potential harmful environmental impact of using chlorine to disinfect the town’s wastewater. The PTG system eliminates the need for toxic chemicals or costly UV lamps in the final stage of wastewater treatment.
The system uses inexpensive natural gas to generate electricity, which is used in the plant, plant offices, and associated buildings. The PTG system is significantly reducing the District’s costs by generating electricity at half the cost of grid power. PTG’s system is one of the few technologies to be certified by the state of California under its stringent Title 22 standards that regulate the disinfection of water for reuse. The District has also eliminated the costs associated with purchasing and storing chlorine (a toxic and hazardous greenhouse gas).

“We are pleased to announce the start-up of this important system for the town of Graton, and we want to thank the District, its employees and the board for giving PTG this opportunity,” said Greg Ryan, CEO and co-founder of PTG. “This project with this forward-thinking District is a significant milestone for PTG, and is further evidence of our strong value proposition for municipalities. We look forward to helping other municipal wastewater treatment facilities safely and efficiently disinfect wastewater, while lowering their carbon footprint and saving money. In addition, we are seeing increasing demand for our energy saving technologies from facilities operating in the
industrial sector, including food, beverage, and agricultural processing companies.”

The PTG eco-friendly system for wastewater disinfection and renewable energy
PTG’s patented technology is the first and only technology to combine wastewater disinfection with the generation of renewable energy. PTG’s integrated systems can use available waste by-products (such as biogas) or natural gas to power a turbine or engine that generates electricity. The turbine’s hot exhaust air (which is typically wasted) passes through a waste-heat recovery unit that increases the temperature of wastewater in order to disinfect it. PTG’s intelligent software efficiently optimizes energy and water flow throughout the integrated system. PTG’s systems are significantly more cost-effective and energy-efficient than other disinfection methods. Unlike other wastewater disinfection approaches, PTG’s technology is sustainable and does not require toxic chemicals such as chlorine, or costly electrical power and expensive UV lamps. As a result, PTG’s systems fit a broad range of applications in both the municipal and industrial market sectors such as the agriculture, food, beer, and beverage industries.

About Pasteurization Technology Group
California-based Pasteurization Technology Group (PTG) is a rapidly growing, venture capital-backed company that is revolutionizing the disinfection of wastewater. PTG’s systems feature its patented “two-for-one” technology that combines eco-friendly wastewater disinfection with the generation of renewable energy. PTG’s process is one of only a handful of technologies to pass the stringent standards of Title 22 in the state of California for the disinfection of water for reuse. PTG’s technology has also been officially recognized in the influential EPA’s Guidelines for Water Reuse (See Ch 6 pg 31). By channeling the typically wasted exhaust heat from a turbine or engine to disinfect wastewater, PTG’s technology enables tremendous cost savings in water- and energy-intensive industries such as agriculture, beverage and food processing. PTG has won numerous awards including the Water Environment Federation (WEF) Innovative Technology award, the Katerva Award, the Artemis Top 50 Water Tech award, and the Popular Science “Best of What’s New” award. For more information, see, and follow us on Twitter (@PasTechGroup) and Facebook.